Is It Worth It?

When you think about professional resume writing costs or whether it is worth it to hire a professional resume writer, there are two important things to remember: time and professionalism. As a busy professional, you have obligations and things to do, and cannot always devote the time necessary to sit down and craft a high-quality resume that is worthy of your accomplishments. Even worse, you don't want to hinder your chances of landing interviews for jobs you are fully qualified for because you haven't got a professional enough resume.

But even if you do have the time to sit down and write your own resume, can you be sure that your writing ability or expertise can match a professional resume writer? Someone who spends their entire professional life crafting resumes for other people.

Careers are nuanced and often require explaining for context. Why did you leave this job to join this other company? How did you lead a team of individuals? What makes you a special employee? These are all questions that are hard to think about by yourself.

By speaking with a professional resume writer, you're able to talk about the context behind your professional development, career, and goals. This is all extremely important to include in a resume - and makes hiring a professional resume writer well worth it.

What Is The Value?

By talking about your career with one of a professional resume writer, you'll not only be giving us a better understanding of what needs to be included on your resume, but you'll also gain a deeper understanding of your own career, because you are verbalizing your career accomplishments. This in turn actually prepares you nicely for the job interviews that you'll begin landing with our resume writing service.

How Much?

Resume: $80

Resume + Interview Prep: $120


Students, teachers, and military do enjoy a 20% discount.